Which is best composite or wooden fencing?

Which is best composite or wooden fencing

Choosing the right material to build your garden fence in can lead in one of two directions if you are looking for a natural wooden look. You can either opt for standard wooden fence panels or go for a more long term solution, composite fencing. The question is, which is best, composite or wooden fencing?

In this blog we are going to highlight the benefits of each to hopefully make choosing your panels a little easier. Once you have the facts about both you will be in a much better position to make an informed decision.

Firstly what are wooden fence panels and what are composite fence panels

Wooden fence panels are fairly straight forward when it comes to what exactly they are made from. Basically they are pieces of wood shapes and planed to make sections for the panel. These sections are then either nailed, glued (or both) to produce a typical panel.

Composite fence panels on the other hand is slightly more complex all around. They are essentially made up of a mixture of recycled wood and recycled plastics. As a matter of fact, 95% recycled which makes them eco friendly but more to the point, STRONG and long lasting! The sections are pressed into the shape and design or traditional wood so look like wood but benefit from the longevity of plastic.

What are the benefits of wooden fencing

Wooden fencing is a natural material and looks that way when installed in your garden. It can be treated to make It last longer and also can be painted to any colour you desire. It is relatively cheap making it a good choice for DIY projects and if a mistake is made on a piece it’s easy to buy another piece at a relatively low cost.

The benefits of composite fencing

Composite fencing looks very similar to traditional wooden fencing however it looks more perfect in its form. This is because it is created using moulds that are designed to imitate the look of a wooden fence but without the imperfections. As a result, when the fence is complete it looks absolutely prefect, no skewed panels which often happen with wooden panels as they twist over time. The superior finish of composite fencing is why most people choose this for their DIY project. It may cost a little more to buy but you save money in the long run due to zero maintenance and a 20 year guarantee which no wooden fence panel can provide.

Below is a listed some of the key benefits of composite fencing:

  • Insect proof, so no chance of wood lice eating your panels
  • Mould resistant so suitable for wet climates such as in Manchester!
  • Zero maintenance, does not need re-painting or sealing.
  • Easy installation due to the panels being uniform in shape and size.
  • Comes in a variety of colours designed specifically for garden use.

Which do we recommend: wooden or composite fencing

In our opinion most homeowners these days are looking for a low maintenance option when it comes to fence panels and the clear winner in the department is composite fence panels. It really is a matter of taste and opinion which you opt for, however our choice is composite fencing every time. The reason for this is that it ticks so many boxes for DIY enthusiasts and really makes life easier each year as you don’t have to worry about painting the fence every year. It’s a job that you can do well, do once and not have to think about it again.

Where can I buy composite fecning?

On our website we sell a range of composite fencing panels and we offer full UK delivery on all items.  We provide excellent customer service and are here every step of the way to help with any further questions you may have. If you are still undecided which to choose. Speak to us today.

To discuss your composite fencing plans call us on 0161 635 0034 and a member of our team will be able to provide valuable advice and guidance for your DIY project.