Top 5 reasons to choose composite fencing


If like us you have decided to replace your fence panels you will have probably come across a number of different options to choose from. There are many different types of wooden fence panels available but also now you can choose composite fence panels as well. In this article we will explore explain what composite fence panels are and 5 of the top reasons why people are choosing these instead of the wooden alternative.

What are composite fence panels?

Composite fence panels are similar in look to a standard wooden fence panel however you will notice that a composite panel will have no defects of misshaped sections. Why is this the case you may ask; well its down to the way they are made. Unlike wood, composite fence panels are a combination of plastic and wood that are compressed into shape to form the look of wood but in a man made more durable process.

Why should I choose composite fencing?

1.    Strong by design

Because composite fence panels are produced using plastic as well as wood they are extremely strong when compared to a standard fence panel. The plastic bonds to the wood producing a compact and durable panel.

2.    Eco Friendly

Composite fence panels are made up of 95% recycled materials meaning they are eco friendly. We believe in doing what we can to help the environment and make sure that all fence panels are made to the same process so that every one is as strong and well designed as the last.

3.    Long Lasting

In comparison to wooden fencing, composite fencing is extremely long lasting. Every fence panel we sell comes with a 20 year guarantee as an assurance to you that our panels are the highest quality. The lifespan of a standard fence panel left untreated is around 5 years on comparison.

4.    Zero Maintenance

The plastic compound that we use in all our fence panels makes it completely maintenance free. There is no need to paint composite fence panels or treat them with stain. They will look after themselves giving you more time to do things that matter to you.

5.    Easy Installation

With composite fencing you get a consistent shape, size and design. What this means for installation is it becomes a lot more simple because if well planned out you get a more accurate and finished look when compared to wooden fences.

Which we recommend: wooden or composite fencing

Our view is that home owners and business owners alike want a more durable, long lasting product when it comes to their fencing. However, it’s a matter of taste and opinion which one you choose. Our choice is the one that we feel provides the most benefits and that being composite fencing. The reason for this is that it ticks so many boxes for DIY enthusiasts and really makes life easier each year as you don’t have to worry about painting the fences year on year.

Where to buy composite fencing?

Composite fencing is available online on our website and we sell a range of panels that are delivered to your door from our premises in Manchester. We provide excellent customer service and are here every step of the way to help with any further questions you may have. If you are still undecided which to choose. Speak to us today.

To discuss your composite fencing plans call us on 0161 635 0034 and a member of our team will be able to provide valuable advice and guidance for your project.