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Plastic Decking in Irlam With A Difference

When searching for a plastic decking company in Irlam you want to know that the product is up to the job. In addition to this you want a product that is going to last for years. At Manchester Composites we only supply high quality plastic decking but our decking is a little different. We care about the environment which is why our plastic decking is made up of mainly wood fibres mixed with a small proportion of plastic to give it its longevity and durability.

The benefits of our plastic decking over wood

 There are three main reasons why you would choose plastic decking over wooden decking as you will find out:

  1. Our decking doesn’t rot or deteriorate over time
  2. It will retain its colour and will not fade in the same way as wooden decking does
  3. We provide a 20 year guarantee, you won’t get that with wooden decking boards

Why our plastic decking is the best

Unlike some of our competitors, our plastic decking contains mostly wooden fibres which gives it the following advantages over solely plastic decking:

  1. It looks more like real traditional wood because it is made up of 60% wood fibres
  2. 95% of the materials are recycled products so it’s much better for the environment
  3. Our unique blend of materials means it is stronger than plastic alone.

Available Colours

Original price was: £35.00.Current price is: £28.00.
Original price was: £35.00.Current price is: £28.00.
Original price was: £35.00.Current price is: £28.00.

What is Plastic Decking?

Plastic decking is a type of decking board, which has been engineered using a combination of wood and plastic. It has been around now for over 20 years but over that time the quality of the product has improved immensely and it is now the fasted growing decking product on the market.

Environmentally Friendly

Despite the use of plastic, composite decking is actually incredibly environmentally friendly. The wood element of the boards is made up of sawdust and/or woodchips. As well as this, the HPE plastics (high-density polyethylene) use recycled plastic materials such as plastic milk bottle tops.

The proportions of the materials are 60% wood fibres, 30% recycled HDP plastic and 10% bonding agents. In total, 95% of the materials are recycled products.

How they are made

The planks of decking are created by mixing and heating the three materials together. This is then formed into long boards, pressed to create a wooden grain effect on the surface of the board and then it is cooled. Afterwards, it is brushed, sanded and treated. The final product looks and feels like wooden boards – only better!

Why is Plastic Decking better than wooden decking?

There are many reasons why our plastic decking in Irlam is a far better choice than wooden decking. As mentioned, they are an environmentally friendly product using materials that would usually end up in landfill. 95% of the materials used are recycled.

Plastic decking is a top quality product, which looks like authentic wood except unlike wood you do not have the maintenance demands.

Low Maintenance

With wooden boards you have to maintain it regularly by re-staining and varnishing them to prevent them from rotting. Even more so, when installed in Irlam due to the weather! You are also likely to find that over time they start to warp, crack or splinter. With plastic decking there is zero maintenance required and they will stay in excellent condition without breaking or deteriorating over time.  Unlike wooden decking, plastic decking never needs to be painted or treated. Wooden decking frequently degrades and rots and it just doesn’t last as long as plastic decking.

Slip resistant decking

Wooden decking is well known to be quite dangerous when it is wet as it becomes very slippery. And in Irlam we know that this can be a year round problem. Plastic decking on the other hand, does not become slippery. This is ideal especially for the British climate!

Clean Finish

In addition to this, the overall visual effect of the decking is superior with plastic decking. Even down to the fact that all of the screw fixings are hidden – unlike with wooden decking where the screw fixings are visible.

Lifetime Guarantee

If all of these advantages are not enough to convince you that plastic decking is the superior product, there is one more huge benefit to plastic decking over wooden decking. Plastic decking is guaranteed for 20 years – although is likely to last much longer than this! The same can definitely not be said of wooden decking where no time guarantee can be given.

Why choose Manchester Composites brand of decking?

At Manchester Composites we have the experience to know what makes a strong and durable decking panel. The key to the success of our brand of decking is the way it performs even after years to being beaten by tough Irlam winter weather. We have made sure that all the decking we supply is of the highest quality and on point when it comes to price.

What does Plastic Decking look like?

As you will be able to see from our pictures of our plastic decking, we sell a range of stunning colours and all decking comes in 2 finishes. These finishes being:

  • Brushed effect on one side of the panel
  • Woodgrain effect on the other

For more pictures of our plastic decking you can check out our gallery page.

How long does Plastic Decking last?

The length of time that your plastic decking will last truly depends on the level of traffic that goes over the decking throughout its lifetime. Here at Manchester Composites we offer you Lifetime guarantee because we know that our decking is strong and made to last.  This also gives you that extra peace of mind should anything go wrong in that time. However, generally speaking if your decking is in an average traffic area then you can expect them to last over 25 years.


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Each sample pack includes a sample of each standard colour & finish we offer

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Plastic Decking FAQ

Below you can find a selection of questions that we often get asked.

Like most surfaces that are exposed to direct sunlight, plastic decking will get hot during summer months. At Manchester Composites we believe we have the best composite mixture in order to produce a long lasting but heat reducing decking board.

One of the biggest factors in the heating process is the colour of the decking itself. If you opt for a darker decking board then you can expect it to get hotter than a light one, in exactly the same way as other surfaces made from other materials.


The proportions of the materials are 60% wood fibres, 30% recycled HDP plastic and 10% bonding agents. In total, 95% of the materials are recycled products. This mixture gives the benefit of being as eco friendly as possible while producing a long lasting, strong composite decking board.

Yes, all our plastic decking is slip resistant and is designed to withstand the harsh Irlam winter weather.

Unlike wood or other cheaper laminate flooring our plastic decking does not fade in the same way, the decking boards will slightly fade over time due to the harsh UV exposure that it will be under during summer months. However, because the boards are made up with the colour in the original mixture, even if there is slight wear on the surface, the colour underneath will remain.

The great new is that if you do decide to change the colour of your decking years from now then you can still do so. There are a range of highly durable paints that are suitable for painting onto decking should you wish to do so.

Serving the UK

Here at Manchester Composites we can provide clients in Manchester with a second to none service. If you are looking for a Manchester based plastic decking company to purchase your plastic decking kits from then look no further. If you would like more information on our plastic decking kits or would like to visit our site to have a look at the different options, please feel free to give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.

Areas We Cover

The key areas we cover include: Manchester, Worsley, Stockport, Bolton, Oldham, Wigan, Warrington, Cheshire, Salford, Swinton, Walkden, Trafford, Urmston, Stretford, Monton, Salford Quays, Boothstown, Leigh, Astley, Farnworth, Tildsley, Radcliffe, Bury, Prestwich, Burnley, Whitefield, Irlam, Rochdale, Flixton, Altrincham, Sale, Chorlton, Didsbury, Cheadle, Bramhall, Wilmslow, Hazel Grove, Hale Barns, Glossop, Alderley Edge, Saddleworth, Knutsford, Disley, Bredbury, Buxton, Macclesfield, Reddish, Denton, Ashton under lyne, Hyde, Marple, Lymm, Liverpool, Leeds, Derby, Bradford, Yorkshire, Wakefield, St Helens, Stoke, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Blackburn, Preston and Chorley.

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