Is plastic decking a good idea?


What we usually think of when it comes to decking

When we think of decking our mind usually springs to wooden decking boards that look like the image below. But there is an alternative made from plastic that may be a better fit for your garden or decked area.

Plastic decking

The alternative is to opt for plastic decking or composite decking as shown in the image below and there may be a number of good reasons why you should choose plastic instead of wood as we will discover.

The visual differences

Visually both wooden and plastic decking look similar. They both look like wood, as you would expect. Although, people are usually surprised at how real composite decking looks when sat side by side with actual wood. The reason for this is because it is created using moulds that were originally cast using wooden panels and the colour is designed to match wood stain giving a truly realistic look.

What most people don’t know is that plastic decking is actually made up of recycled wood and plastic which also helps the decks look more realistic.

Laying decking using wood vs plastic decking

The task of laying your decking is not difficult if the correct planning is done to ensure it has a strong and even frame to sit on. The main difference between laying wooden decking is that because wood is a natural material it tends to bend and warp over time and often arrives that way. With composite decking you don’t have the same problem. This is because of the process that it has been through when creating it. It’s designed not to warp in the same way as wood so laying it becomes an easier task as all planks are uniform in their shape and size. As long as you make sure the gaps between the decks are even, you will end up with a perfect looking decking area.

Are there any other benefits of plastic decking

There are a number of other reasons why you may choose plastic decking over wood as follows:

  • Easy installation due to the panels being uniform in shape and size.
  • Mould resistant so suitable for wet climates such as in Manchester!
  • No splintering so no risk of injuring your feet.
  • Insect proof, so no chance of wood lice eating your precious deck.
  • Zero maintenance, does not need re-painting or sealing.
  • Comes in a variety of colours designed specifically for garden use.

Is plastic decking better than wooden decking

In our opinion plastic or composite decking is far superior to wood. Its benefits are clear and the only reason you wouldn’t choose plastic decking is because you prefer the look of real wood. As with most things in life it comes down to personal taste and opinion but we feel that we have outlined a good argument to choose plastic decking when considering a decked area.

Which is more expensive, wood or plastic decking?

Where cost is concerned the plastic decking option is always going to cost you slightly more to buy because it is a more superior product. However, in the long run you will save money because of zero maintenance needed with plastic decking when compared to wooden alternatives.

When you say plastic, does this mean its bad for the environment?

When we think of plastic we think of all the negatives associated with plastic. With our plastic decking you can think of plastic in a different way though because it is actually made up of 95% recycled materials.

Where can I buy plastic decking?

You can buy plastic decking on the composite decking section of our website where you can browse the different options to choose from. To discuss your decking plans call us on 0161 635 0034 and a member of our team will be able to provide valuable help and advice.