Lifetime guarantee

This guarantee is valid for composite decking and fencing only. Manchester Composites Ltd, will replace any Composite product installed correctly which becomes structurally unfit for purpose due to rotting, flaking, splitting, or decay within the lifetime of the original purchaser. This guarantee does not cover the cost of removal of reinstallation.

Exclusions: This guarantee does not apply to any composite fencing or decking which is:

  • Damaged by acts of war or natural disaster
  • Damaged during transport not controlled by Manchester Composites Ltd
  • Not installed in accordance with provided installation guide
  • Modified or treated in a manner that is not recommended by the Manufacturer
  • Fit for purpose but showing signs of normal wear and tear such as small cracks, a small colour difference (fading) and warping over a prolong period of time
  • Damaged due to criminal activity

Proof of purchase will be required in the event of any claims.

The Manufacturer reserves the right to inspect and investigate the materials in the event a claim is made before any product will be replaced.

Failure to follow or notice any restrictions supplied with the product or not in accordance with local zoning or building codes, deed restricted community rules and regulations shall make the warranty null and void.

The original owner must submit any claim via email along with a copy of the original order invoice and any supporting evidence of product malfunction to

In no event shall Manchester Composites Ltd be liable for labour, damages or other expenses incurred by the purchaser or other persons in any claim.

Any accepted claims will result in replacement composite products the same as originally purchased or the nearest available equivalent should the range originally purchased no longer be available.

Guarantee is not transferrable.