Composite Fencing for your Home in Warrington

Why Choose Composite Fencing for your home in Warrington

There is such an abundance of fencing products on the market that it can be hard to know where to start. Until recently, the most common option would have been traditional softwood panels but the industry and the market is changing. Composite fence panels are becoming more and more popular and with good reason. Although they have existed for a couple of decades now, the industry has changed and improved in recent years and composite fences are now a really high quality product and well-priced making it a perfect choice for your new fences. Read on to find out how and why composite fencing is the right choice for your home in Warrington.

What Composite Fencing is

Composite fencing is made up of a mixture of recycled wood and recycled plastics. The fences that Manchester Composites sell actually use 95% recycled products so it is an incredibly environmentally friendly option, which is furthered by the fact that they are so long lasting – they will far outlast any wooden fence panels.

The advantages of Composite Fencing

As mentioned above, due to the fact that composite fencing is made of a combination of wood and plastic fibres, this type of fencing is long lasting. In fact if you buy it from Manchester Composites, it even comes with a 20-year guarantee! As well as being the most environmentally friendly solution as already stated, there is a whole list of other reasons why composite fencing is the best fencing solution for your garden on the market:

  • Due to the materials used, it does not rot or splinter and is resistant to mould and insects.
  • Completely weather proof and will not warp over time
  • Practically zero maintenance – it does not need to be sealed, stained or painted at any point.
  • It is incredibly easy to install. If you order it from Manchester Composites you get an easy to follow installation guide and you can get everything you need to complete the job including footings for hard ground or soil.
  • It comes in a variety of colours and finishes so you are sure to find the look you are after.
  • It has a timeless appearance and it is definitely the most attractive looking of all the fence panel options on the market.

Who buys Composite Fencing

Until recent years composite fencing was not as competitively priced as it is nowadays. This meant it was not as widely used as it is becoming. However, with changes in production resulting in better pricing, composite fencing is becoming the most popular go-to option for everyone. Composite fencing will immediately improve the look of your home and garden in Warrington so don’t get left behind and instead become the envy of all you neighbours and order new composite fences today!

When is the best time to install Composite Fencing

The beauty of composite fencing is that it can be installed at any time of year, in rain or shine. It is quick and easy to install and if ordered from Manchester Composites, comes with the full kit of what you need to install it yourself. As it does not need to be stained or varnished afterwards it is ready to put up and that’s the job done!

Where to find Composite Fencing for your home in Warrington

Manchester Composites can cater for your entire composite fencing needs. Although based in Manchester, we offer all our clients in Warrington an excellent service, which is both quick and reliable. Customer care and satisfaction is our top priority making us the best choice to provide your composite fence panels for your home in Warrington. We are passionate about composite fencing and decking as an eco-friendly, top quality solution to all fencing needs. If you are interested in an environmentally friendly and exceptional looking product to really frame your garden then get in touch with us to see our full range and discuss any questions you may have.