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Welcome To Manchester Composites

Here at Manchester Composites we supply composite fencing and composite decking. Manchester Composites aim is to spread awareness about the many advantages of using composite products compared to wood alternatives. Manchester Composites products are actually made up from 95% recycled materials which have already been used for a variety of other purposes. Instead of cutting down trees to make new wooden decking and fencing. Manchester Composites are actually recycling existing wood and recycled plastic to create a modern, low maintenance, great looking product which will far out last any standard wood product.



Traditional wooden fencing looks great when you first install it but after a year or so it will need treating or painting because the colour of the wood will start to fade and start to rot, which all costs money in products and a loss of your valuable spare time. This then becomes a year upon year laborious exercise that will eventually end up in needing to replace the old worn out fence panels. That is where Manchester Composites come in!

With Manchester composites fence kits and composite fence panels/planks there is no longer any requirement to paint or treat the fence for the full lifetime of the fence, saving you money in the long run in paint and staining products and saving you hours of your spare time painting fence panels. It is also great for the environment.

For more information about our amazing composite fencing, please click on the composite fencing tab at the top of the page.    

As anybody who has had tradition wooden decking in the past will know, wooden decking becomes extremely slippery when the decking is wet. This is very hazardous to anybody who walks on it, especially the elderly and children. You can try to jet wash the decking down but it never fully gets rid of the slippery residue that builds up on the wooden decking over time and it always remains slippery when wet. A lot of people try to correct this buy either painting the decking or staining the decking. This then wears out very quickly and requires continuous re-coating which is both costly and time consuming.

Manchester Composites decking eliminates the need for paint, stain and regular jet washing, in turn saving you money and time throughout the lifetime of the composite decking. Manchester Composites decking will not become slippery under foot like tradition wooden decking and will far out live any tradition wooden decking making it a safer more cost effective and time effective option. It is also great for the environment.

For more information about our amazing composite decking, please click on the composite decking tab at the top of the page.    

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